Woman's rings stolen

Goole: Can you help trace offenders?

3 Mar 2017

We are investigating claims a woman had four rings stolen by a couple in a black car in Goole.

The incident happened between 4.14pm and 4.30pm yesterday (Thursday, March 2) in Second Avenue, when the victim was approached by a man and woman in a small black car.

The woman, who was sitting in the rear passenger seat, is said to have called the victim over and asked for directions to the hospital.

She then told the victim that her mother had died a year ago and started to show her some jewellery – somehow removing the victim’s rings.

She then handed the victim some tissue paper, which she believed contained her rings – but after the couple drove away she found it was in fact costume jewellery and a 5p coin.

The suspects are described as a white woman, aged 35 to 40, of average build. She wore a black burka and had three gold teeth in the top row.

The man was also white, aged 35 to 40, of large build, with short brown/ black hair. He wore a white long-sleeved shirt.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101, quoting crime reference number 2253723.