Community initiative to tackle arson and anti-social behaviour

Hull: Police and fire will be visiting homes near Eastmount Centre on Wednesday 22 February

20 Feb 2017

The East Hull Community Policing Team are working closely with Humberside Fire and Rescue Service public safety and the Hull City Council team to make Longhill estate safer as part of an arson and anti-social behaviour awareness day. 

Between 10am and 3pm on Wednesday 22 February we will be collectively visiting over 200 homes on the streets and roads near to the Eastmount Centre, Hull.

The joint effort will involve residents being visited by teams of community safety partners who will provide: 
• Fire safety advice to ensure the safety of the occupants and their property
• Crime prevention advice to reduce the likelihood of an residents homes or vehicles being targeted by criminals
• Identifying residents who have been victims of repeated arson or crime
• Installing target hardening measures, such as smoke alarms
• Marking residents property with a UV pen to allowed identification if stolen
• Assisting residents in setting up a account so they can register valuables on-line which assist police in identifying it if stolen so it can be returned and bring offenders to justice.

The overriding theme for the project is to empower residents with fire safety and crime prevention knowledge, which in turn inspire residents to take more responsibility for their safety within their homes and become more vigilant, protecting themselves and their communities. 

The initiative is aiming to improve the safety of those living in community targeted. If it’s a success, the initiative will be rolled out into other problem neighbourhoods in the Humberside area. 

PC Clare Mitchell from East Hull Communities Policing Team said: “We have organised this event in response to concern by the public about incidents of arson in the area. The advice and support on offer will undoubtedly reassure the community and I am looking forward to seeing as many residents as possible. By bringing together the expertise of the police, fire service, local authority and other partners we can assist with all manner of neighbourhood concerns quickly and effectively, leaving a lasting legacy in the area and a much safer community.”

Allen Cunningham, Public Safety North Bank Manager, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service: “Collaborative events such as this are an effective method of having a lasting positive impact in an area. By working closely with Humberside Police and local partners, we can make a real different across communities which are being adversely affected by anti-social behaviour. They give us an opportunity to engage with members of the community with whom we may never had any previous contact. The visits we now offer go beyond the remit of fire. Adopting a “see it and solve it” approach, we now conduct Safe and Well visits, which, alongside addressing fire risks, look at winter warmth, falls prevention, mental health and smoking cessation.”