10 Oct 2016

Police are in attendance at the University of Hull again on Monday 10 October to provide a lesson in the dangers on leaving homes unlocked.

The Community Policing Team and Community Safety volunteers will be setting up a burglary challenge game that highlights the speed in which a burglary can take place if homes are left unlocked.

A mocked up bedroom will be set up on campus with numerous valuables placed in the scene - either on display or hidden – and then students will be asked how many items they could take as a “pretend burglar” in 10 seconds. With small prizes being given to those who fid and take the most.

PC Carl Palmer, the University beat bobby said: “This is clearly a gimmick to get students to engage with us about home security, however the message is a serious one. Students have traditionally been targeted by burglars. These burglars are well aware that students often have a lax approach to locking windows and doors, therefore many burglars will wonder into homes grab items on display and wonder off within a matter of seconds.

“It is vital with this in mind that students and other homeowners think about home security as a priority – lock windows and doors in unoccupied rooms, avoid leaving valuables on view and take the time to register valuables onto property registration site www.immobilise.com which helps it to be identified and returned if lost or stolen.”

Crime prevention literature and support in setting up and registering property on immobilise will be available as part of the activity.

Further activity is taking place off campus to prevent burglary with proactive patrols on the lookout for insecurities in the University and Newland wards of Hull, which will also deter any would be offender operating in the area.

While the police in partnership with private landlords and Hull University Union (HUU) Hull Stars property rating website launched home security scheme in July. This has resulted in new home security posters being displayed in student homes and keys being handed out on security branded keyrings advising the need to keep doors and windows locked.

PC Palmer added: “Home security is not a joke and is taken very seriously by the force. It can leave victims violated and afraid, the valuables stolen can have sentimental value and it can be very time consuming and frustrating resolving insurance claims to get replacement items. I would therefore urge people to do the right thing every time and lock their homes, whether in or not.”

Police will also be taking to social media promoting student safety as well as welcoming new students to the area under the hash tag #HPUniSafe.