30 Sep 2016

Police in Hull are stepping up dedicated preventative patrols in student areas in a bid to raise awareness in sneak-in burglaries and home security as part of plans developed for the arrival of students returning to rented accommodation around the University and Newland Wards of Hull.

The Community Policing Team will be carrying out proactive patrols and talking to occupants of properties which have been left insecure either through an open window or an insecure door. They will also be posting hairy hand insecurity warning leaflets through open windows in a bid to raise awareness to the danger such lax security can lead too. 

PC Carl Palmer, the University beat bobby said: “A large number of student burglaries are through open doors and windows. By carrying out these proactive patrols are aiming to raise awareness in home security, preventing people being victimised and deterring burglars. 

“I appreciate that many students have not lived away from home before, but it’s not an excuse for leaving doors and windows unlocked. We have traditionally seen student homes targeted by burglars and we keen to prevent this from occurring this year, but we need residents to do their bit by keeping homes safe and valuables out of thieves’ hands.”

People can help themselves by keeping their properties secure, register property onto so it can be identified and returned if lost or stolen and by calling Humberside Police with information about criminality. The public should call the police if they see people acting suspiciously in their community, if there is a burglary in progress or if they have details about those involved in criminality.

This follows the attendance at the University of Hull Fresher’s event where students were given advice on how to keep themselves and property safe.

PC Palmer added: “The high visibility patrols are one part of the activity being undertaken in Hull to prevent students new and old from becoming a victim of crime. We are holding events at the University campus on car and cycle security and are holding regular drop-in surgeries for students throughout the year. My aim is to ensure as many as students as possible are not affected by crime during their studies and have a fantastic time in the city.”

Police will also be taking to social media promoting student safety as well as welcoming new students to the area under the hash tag #HPUniSafe.