New students to get an education in crime prevention

Hull: Police have plans in place for the return of the university of Hull students

22 Sep 2016

Humberside Police will be welcoming news students to the city at this weekend’s Fresher’s events at the University of Hull with advice that will keep themselves and property safe now and in the future.

At the Fresher’s Fair events between Sunday 25 September and Tuesday 27 September members of the Community Policing Team and Community Safety Volunteers will be offering practical advice to students about how to keep themselves and their property safe during their studies.

At the event there will be a specific focus on preventing burglaries, registering property onto, personal safety on a night out, protecting cars and cycles from thieves and raising awareness in the Community Policing Team drop-in surgeries on campus.

PC Carl Palmer, the beat officer for Hull University said: “This is an exciting time of time of the year, as people leave home for the first time and enjoy the freedoms this brings. However, it is also a time when they are potentially vulnerable due to not having a clear awareness of personal and property security. Our role at these fresher’s events and over the course of the year is to provide regular advice and support to keep them and their property safe, whilst being available to provide support with any crime or anti-social behaviour issues that may affect them.”

Following the fresher’s events Humberside Police will also be holding further events on the campus over the next month on vehicle crime and cycle crime to raise awareness in crime prevention methods available to avoid this crime, while also holding a student home security challenge event. Police will also be highlighting opportunities to join Humberside Police as part of the Special Constabulary or as a Community Safety Volunteer.

The messages around security will also be displayed on dedicated poster sites across the campus as well as being beamed onto the side of a building on an evening and night close to the student’s union building.

Off campus there will be crime prevention literature delivered to halls of residents in Cottingham and a talk will be given to students on crime prevention.

In addition, proactive patrols on the lookout for insecurities will be taking place in the University and Newland wards of Hull, which will also deter any would be offender operating in the area.

Police - partnership with private landlords and Hull University Union (HUU) Hull Stars property rating website - launched home security scheme in July. This has resulted in new home security posters being displayed in student homes and keys being handed out on security branded keyrings advising the need to keep doors and windows locked.

PC Carl Palmer, added: “This weekend I would encourage students new and old to come across to our stand and say hello. One of the key messages we’ll be pushing is 55% of student burglaries are via one doors of windows. I hope this will shock students into better home security as traditionally students have been very lax when it comes to keeping their shared accommodation secure.”

Police will also be taking to social media promoting student safety as well as welcoming new students to the area under the hash tag #HPUniSafe.