Special treat for tot

Grimsby: Family reunited with officer who saved life of one-year-old

20 Sep 2016


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A Grimsby policeman - who saved the life of a one-year-old boy who was taken seriously ill in the street - has been reunited with the family as part of a special treat for the tot.

PC Dave Holden went to the aid of Danielle Smith of Stanley Street, after one-year-old George began fitting as she walked along the Riverhead on Saturday, July 9.

She said: “We were walking along and had just got to the Riverhead when George made a strange noise, went completely floppy and started fitting.

“He started to go blue. I was in a complete panic. We didn’t know what was happening.

Whilst trying to get through to the ambulance service, Danielle spotted PC Holden at the traffic lights and flagged him down.

He was able to give George basic first aid at the scene, opening his airway, and rushed the family to the Diana, Princess of Wales hospital.

Doctors revealed he had suffered a heat-related convulsion and George was kept in overnight as a precaution. Luckily, he has not suffered any further issues since.

She said: “If PC Holden hadn’t come, I think I would have lost George. He just changed so quickly. I was really scared. We can’t thank him enough.”

And, after learning that the tot always gets excited when he sees police vehicles, officers from the Youth Engagement team arranged for him to come in and see some of our response vehicles and bikes up close.

Thanks to the generous team at Smyths Toy Store, George also received his own toy police car to zoom around in at home.

It was also a chance for George, Danielle and her partner Thomas Bennett to catch up with PC Holden.

PC Holden said it had been a delight to see George again - especially looking so well.

Recalling the incident, he said: “I opened George’s airway and he started to make some gasping noises. I showed Danielle how to keep his airway open, got them into the car and rushed them to hospital.

“PC Martin Leak attended A&E and was fantastic in liaising with the rest of the family when they arrived.

“It’s been great to see George and Danielle again and I am really happy I could help.”