Are you doing enough to protect your stuff?

Grimsby: Two recent examples highlight insecurities that our officers have come across on patrol

9 Sep 2016

Police are urging motorists and cycle owners to play their role in preventing crime, after PCSO Theo Connolly highlighted two recent examples of property being left vulnerable while on patrol in the Park Ward of Grimsby last month.

In the first incident he noticed a Nissan Micra parked with its driver’s door open and passenger window down in the middle of a housing complex. He undertook enquiries and the owner was around the corner - 15m away - inside a house.

In the second incident he discovered a BMX left unlocked and left lent against the side of a fence in view from the roadside. The owner was nowhere to be seen.

PCSO Theo Connolly said “I was amazed at the lack of security in both cases and would urge all residents to protect their property by ensuring it is locked. This applies to homes, vehicles and cycles. The last thing I want see is preventable crime in my patch with opportunist criminals stealing vulnerable and insecure property.”

Help the police by:
Preventing theft from cars 
•    If you don’t need items of property for the journey leave them at home – keep Sat Navs, golf clubs and laptops safe.
•    If a criminal can see your property, they may choose to steal it – keep it hidden
•    Keep your windows up and your car locked every time you leave it.
•    Parking your car? Find a well populated space and avoid isolated areas, pay a little extra for an attended car park
•    If you can describe your property, you stand a better chance of getting the thief who is using it prosecuted, visit for more details.

Preventing cycle theft 
•    Calling at the shop for 30 seconds and not locking your bike, can lead to a long walk home – lock it
•    85% of stolen cycles are locked with cheap locks, don’t make yours one of them – use a quality lock (Visit the sold secure website for details
•    If you can describe your bike, you stand a better chance of getting the thief who is riding it prosecuted, for more details – and remember to register your frame number.

Assist the police by reporting crime in progress on 999 or details about crimes or offender on 101. Alternatively people can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.