Your help really does pay off – Thank you

A wanted Scunthorpe man who has evaded capture for over seven months was this morning arrested – all thanks to help from the public

3 Sep 2016

Humberside Police often ask the public to help us and today one of Scunthorpe’s ‘most wanted’ was located and arrested. Information came into our Command Hub this morning from a member of the public who had previously seen Humberside police’s appeals asking for the whereabouts of a 28-year-old Scunthorpe, wanted for numerous offences. The member of the public had remembered the description we provided, and this morning saw someone who fitted that picture. They telephoned us and just after 11am today officers forced entry into a property in Scunthorpe and arrested him.

The 28-year-old Scunthorpe man was wanted for; breach of court order, criminal damage, 2x threatening behaviour, threats to kill, perverting to course of justice, rioting, vehicle interference and disqualified driving.

It goes without saying without this important phone call this morning, this man would still be at large. He will remain in police custody answering questions in relation to all of the above offences.

A huge thank you goes out to all the people who phone us with information and intelligence. We cannot do our job without you.

Why do we ask the public for help?

Humberside Policing area has a population over 1,140,200 people and the force is responsible for policing an area covering the East Riding of Yorkshire, Hull, North East Lincolnshire and North Lincolnshire. With limited resources and being unable to be on every street in every city, town and village all the time, we ask our communities to be general eyes and ears and report anything you deem suspicious. We tell you what crime has recently occurred in your area, so you can be more vigilant and observant.

This shared approach helps both the police and communities. As based on this morning’s successful arrest, you can see it works. Thank you.


*Please note once a criminal investigation becomes live, the arrested suspect can not be named. If you name the suspect on social media before they are charged, you personally could be in contempt of court which has a custodial sentence and fines attached. Comments on social media are classed exactly the same way in the law as news outlets naming a person.