Bransholme experiences spike in vehicle crime

Hull: Motorists urged to keep property out of view and ensure vehicles are locked

2 Sep 2016

During August police received 23 reports of thefts from cars and vans in the Bransholme and Kingswood areas of Hull.

In the vast number of cases valuables were left on display prior to being targeted by thieves who then forced entry or simply enter through unlocked doors.

PC Rachel Collins, Neighbourhood Beat Officer for Kings Park ward said: “The levels of vehicle crime in the Bransholme area are far higher than usual and we are urging motorists to support us and protect themselves by ensuring they don’t leave valuables on view. Unfortunately offenders will look in cars and vans for property to steal, so it is much better to remove this temptation, as it is highly unlikely they’d smash a window or force open a door unless it is worth their while.”

In one example an unknown offender smashed the window of a white van on Clarondale, Hull at 1.10pm on Saturday 20 August to steal a Galaxy Tab 4 left on display.

In another incident, an offender forced open the door of a Vauxhall Corsa parked on  Blisland Close, Hull between 4am and 8am on Saturday 20 August to steal money left in the from of the car.

PC Collins added: “We are taking the spoke in offending seriously in the area with patrols taking place regularly in hotspot area which have led to arrests and we have delivered crime prevention advice in effected areas following incidents. Unfortunately incidents are still being reported and we need the public to help us by adopting crime prevention. In addition we need local people to be our eyes and ears and call us if they see people acting suspiciously in their community. If there is a crime in progress people should call 999 and call 101 with information about those involved in criminality or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.”

The top tips to prevent Vehicle crime are:
1.    If you don’t need items of property for the journey leave them at home – keep Sat Navs, golf clubs and laptops safe.
2.    If a criminal can see your property, they may choose to steal it – keep it hidden
3.    Keep your windows up and your car locked every time you leave it.
4.    Parking your car? Find a well populated space and avoid isolated areas, pay a little extra for an attended car park
5.    If you can describe your property, you stand a better chance of getting the thief who is using it prosecuted, visit for more details