Nuisance off-road bikes

Hornsea: Community policing team tacking action against nuisance riders

25 Aug 2016

Police in Hornsea have received 47 complaints about anti-social behaviour and noise linked to people using off-road motorbikes in the fields off Hornsea Burton Road, Hornsea since April especially on a weekend.

The Community Policing Team and the local authority are taking the issue seriously due to the nuisance it is causing to residents, tourist staying at the large caravan park close by and families using the play park close by.

PCSO Siobhan Dearing from the Hornsea Community Policing Team said: “These bikes do cause a nuisance to the wider community and we want to reassure residents and visitors that we are doing all we can to locate those responsible and will take action where appropriate.

”I would appeal to parents to ensure they know where their children are and what they are doing. It’s also important that they make them aware of the potential danger of riding these bikes – especially without helmets and other safety equipment.”

A great deal of activity has taken place to tackle the issue including:
•             Additional patrols in the area especially on a weekend.
•             Use of dispersal powers.
•             Letters being delivered in the area advising against using the fields for off-road bikes.
•             The landowner is working with the force and partners to make the field more secure.
•             A crime prevention review to identify deterrents at the site.
•             A number of people have been identified as using the land with further action planned.

PCSO Dearing added: “We appreciate that riding off-road bikes is a past time enjoyed by lots of people. However, it is often perceived as dangerous, noisy and anti-social behaviour prompting lots of calls from the public like in this case.

“It is important that people realise that off-road motorbikes can only be ridden on private land if you have the land owner’s permission and the farmer who owns this field has not consented to it being used. Therefore if caught those driving face prosecution and in some cases parents will be held accountable for the actions of their children.”

Anyone with information about people responsible for using the field should call 101 quoting work book 54636.