Protect your business

Tips on tackling shoplifting

Shoplifting made up more than 10 per cent of all crime reported in the Humberside Policing area in 2014. We are committed to working with shop owners to reduce this type of crime. Working together, we want to provide a safer environment for both workers and customers. For some quick tips click through below. The Documents and links at the bottom of the page will give you detailed information on how to protect your business and some useful posters to display.

  • Make sure your staff have their eye on the ball and try to greet, or at least acknowledge all customers who come in. This is great customer service, but also makes thieves feel uncomfortable - they are being watched.
  • Know your local shoplifters, ban them and keep them out.
  • Place high value stock in areas of the shop that can be easily watched by staff as this will put thieves off.
  • CCTV should cover the entrance, exit and areas where high value stock is. Ideally a monitor displaying CCTV should be on the shop floor, along with signs saying you are using it - again, this will put thieves off.
  • Think about signing up to Shopwatch, an online security communications tool for retailers, see the link below.

Retail Crime Partnerships and Online Shop Security Services

Setting up Retail Crime Partnerships with other shops in your area means you can work together to make your businesses safer.

If you want help setting up a new group contact your local beat team. Put your postcode in the search engine on the homepage and your local team will pop up. Have a look through the guide below for more advice.
Information sharing between retailers and local authorities is important in reducing criminality and there are a number of online services available to help. One of the best known is Shopwatch. Have a look at the document below for more advice.