Over 100 properties protected in Bransholme as part of crime prevention initiative

Hull: Second event of year-long crime prevention initiative in the Garths area of Hull

18 Jul 2016

A day of action took place in Digby Garth, Enstone Garth & Finningley Garth on Wednesday 6 July as part of an ambitious year-long crime prevention initiative aiming to make 2,500 homes safer in the Garths of Bransholme, Hull.

The local Community Policing Team, Community Safety Volunteers and representatives from Hull City Council, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Riverside Housing, Urban Community group and the Neighbourhood Network spent the day visiting houses on the streets conducting a home security survey in order to help prevent properties being targeted, fitting free outbuilding alarms and assisting occupants in setting up and register property on www.immobilise.com.

During the day of action:
111 homes were visited (57 on Digby Garth, 36 on Enstone Garth and 20 on Finningley Garth)
•    95 residents had shed alarms fitted
•    9 residents had garage alarms fitted
•    75 cycles were property marked and placed on www.immobilise.com and 61 other items were added to the site (mobile phone, laptop, television and tablets)
•    3 High risk fire referrals were made to Humberside Fire and Rescue
•    5 Referrals were made to North Carr Carers for vulnerable over 60 year olds

The event was funded by Hull City Council North Carr Area to hold a series of crime prevention events in the streets that make up the Garths area of Bransholme after they were identified as a long term burglary hotspots. This will be supplemented with operational activity targeting those committing burglary offences in the area.

The next crime prevention event planned as part of the initiative will take place on Biggin Avenue and Yeadon Garth, Hull on Wednesday 7 September.

PC Steve Hepworth said: "This event was a great success with over 100 residents supported with crime prevention and items registered onto www.immobilise.com. The support was well received by everyone spoken too with many people blown away by the number of agencies involved. By undertaking the activity we have made shed and garages less desirable to thieves by fitting alarms and we have provided homeowners practical tools in protecting their property from opportunist thieves. 

“I hope that those residents will now have a heightened awareness in preventing crime and will support the force in tackling crime by reporting details about people responsible for crime in their neighbourhood. Planning is now underway for the next day of action which will focus on Biggin Avenue and Yeadon Garth which will undoubtedly be as successful. I am sure that this event and others in the Garths Initiative will make the areas much safer and less desirable for criminals.

“Finally, I would encouraged the public to support police by  call 999 if there is a crime in progress, 101 to report those involved in criminality or via Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111."

As part of a Summer Acquisitive Crime Campaign launched earlier this month Officers or PCSOs on patrol across Humberside will be on the lookout for homes, vehicles and cycles left vulnerable. 

They will then speak to the owner about how they can improve their crime prevention. This will reduce the chance of that person becoming a future victim, whilst also raising awareness in simple steps to prevent crime and reduce opportunities for thieves.

The public can support the campaign and prevent burglaries by adopting crime prevention advice on the Humberside Police Website,  getting property registered onto www.immobilise.com so it can be identified/returned if lost or stolen and by calling Humberside Police with information about criminality.