12 May 2016

Operation Trivium will start on Monday 16 May 2016 and see officers from Romania, Lithuania, Holland and Europol joining UK counterparts.

Officers will help with vehicle stops, translating for suspects and checking their home country’s police systems to verify details supplied by foreign nationals.

All 43 police forces in England & Wales are taking part in #OpTrivium − the sixth of its kind − and will run checks on people and vehicles through Europol and National Crime Agency (NCA) agents.

Home Office officials will deal with illegal immigrants, while the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) will target human traffickers.

Joint Specialist Operation Unit Chief Inspector Glen Suttenwood who is leading the operation for Humberside and South Yorkshire Police, hopes to build on the success of last year’s Operation Trivium.  He said: “We welcome our colleagues from police forces in Europe their support is invaluable in catching foreign criminals travelling in and through our area.  We are working with several partner agencies including the DVSA, Immigration, HMIC and HM Court Services.

“Foreign nationals who commit crime in the UK, and who use the road network to facilitate that criminality, may feel untouchable by UK police − but operations like this demonstrate our commitment to cross-border policing and show that borders are no barrier to justice.

“Operation Trivium has been successful as it is notoriously difficult to tackle travelling criminals without the help from our partner agencies.  They assist in piecing together a national picture on travelling criminals to prevent worker exploitation, protect vulnerable people and tackle unlicensed and criminal activity.

“Last year’s operation saw 777 vehicles stopped in Yorkshire and the Humber region, of those 604 were driven by foreign drivers.

"86 vehicles were seized and 43 people were arrested.  This also led to an invaluable amount of intelligence being gathered to potentially piece together a national picture on travelling criminals.

Sergeant Jez Kelly, from Humberside’s Joint Operations, Roads Policing Unit said: “We know we have many foreign criminals who move around the country and are not linked to any individual or established communities. During the week-long operation we aim to highlight some of the effort the police and other agencies are putting into dismantling this, at times sophisticated group of criminals.

“Operation Trivium uses analysis and intelligence to identify possible migrants or illegal immigrants who are believed to be travelling the country committing crime. This is not a witch hunt on foreign nationals.”

“During the 2015 Operation Trivium in Humberside we had nine arrests ranging from drink driving to money laundering.  14 vehicles were also seized.

“One Latvian HGV driver that had been stopped had failed to connect the brakes to the refrigerated trailer of his vehicle. He was arrested for dangerous driving.

“Another incident was when a Latvian driver and two other Latvian men were involved in a head-on collision, leaving another driver with life-threatening injuries.  On searching their vehicle several thousand pounds and a variety of credit cards in different names were found. Three men were then further arrested for fraud offences.

It’s estimated there are up to 350,000 foreign-registered vehicles on UK roads at any one time and, ahead of Operation Trivium, Europol has provided CMPG with details of 3,000-plus vehicles that may be on UK roads and are suspected of being linked to crime.

Operation Trivium’s week of action will also see Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology used throughout the week.

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