£8,200 worth of lead stolen from St Marys Church in Swine, Hull

Help Scrap the Metal Thieves

22 Feb 2016

20 feet worth of lead guttering has been stolen from the roof of St Marys Church on Main Street, Swine in Hull sometime between midnight on January 1st and 4pm on Friday February 19th, 2016.

Since Sunday February 7th there have been 18 reports of lead flashing having been stolen from bay windows in Hedon, Preston, Skirlaugh, Swine and Thorngumbald area of Hull.

Metal theft crime severely harms businesses and wreaks havoc in communities – whether that be through stolen lead from church roofs, catalytic converters stolen from vehicles, or live overhead cables being stolen resulting in loss of power to private houses and commercial properties.

In part of tackling metal theft, we must look to improve reporting and awareness where metal can be stolen from, in order to safeguard your property.

Humberside Police work hard to ensure those who trade in scrap metal are also on alert of the responsibilities they must oblige to.

Sadly metal theft is still a cash rich industry, which is why it is extremely important we tell people what can be done to help reduce these crimes.

PCSO Darren Bainton said, "Members of the public should always dial 999 to report a crime in progress. Rural villages are often targeted due to their isolated locations. Stealing this amount of lead takes time and a vehicle to transport it, so any early reports of suspicious cars or people acting strangely, taking pictures of roofs, jotting notes, walking around the outside of a neighbor’s property with no real reason for doing so, returning with ladders and a vehicle, reporting any of these sighting will assist police in tracking down potential offenders quicker.

"We are asking local people to take an interest in their local community whilst they are out and about. If you take the dog out for a walk, or go for a stroll, don’t ignore anything that you think looks out of place - report anything you think may be out of the ordinary to the police. Communities can act as our eyes and ears, and by pulling together to note suspicious activity, we can deter thieves and help keep neighbours safe.

Metal theft costs the UK economy £770m each year, it is in all our interests to help scrap the metal thieves.

Anyone with any information should contact Humberside Police on 101 quoting crime number 2168698 or alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.