Stage 4 - Assessment Centre

Once your application has been reviewed you will be invited to attend a National SEARCH (Structured Entrance Assessment for Recruiting Constables Holistically) Assessment Centre.  These are held at the National College of Policing at Ryton, near Coventry or run internally. The assessment lasts for a day.  Candidates are required to undertake a variety of exercises see below, which will be based on the Policing Professional Framework – see the website for more details

  • Competency based structure interview
  • 2 x written tests
  • 4 x interactive exercises
  • Police Initial Recruitment Test (Verbal Logical Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning)

You will have at least three weeks to prepare and full details will be sent to you about what will happen on the day.

You will be provided with your result and feedback report 2 weeks after your attendance.

The current national pass mark for applicants attending the assessment centre is 50%.  You cannot attend an assessment centre more than once in a 6 month period.

The pass mark set by Humberside Police is 50%.