Woman jailed following robbery of vulnerable woman


18 Nov 2021

A woman has been jailed for 33 months, after admitting robbing a vulnerable 71-year-old lady on Bean Street in Hull in July.

Hayley Simpson, 47, of Peel Street, Hull, pleaded guilty at Hull Crown Court on Monday 15 November to stealing the woman’s bag in a disgraceful act of opportunistic theft.
Hayley Simpson custody picture
The victim had been visiting her gravely ill husband in the hospital at the time and was understandably left feeling frightened. Two men chased Simpson away, her dropping the bag as she fled.

The victim’s husband tragically passed away a short time later, never knowing of the robbery, as the victim didn’t want to add to his stress of being in the hospital.

Detective Sergeant Andy Bradley said: “This act demonstrates nothing but cowardice, to target a vulnerable woman leaving the hospital.

“I would like to commend the strength of the victim, as I can’t imagine how difficult this past few months have been, and I know this incident will have a long-standing impact on her.

“Crimes of this nature can be isolating and leave people anxious to even leave their house. We absolutely can’t and won’t tolerate this kind of behaviour and will do everything we can to remove these individuals from our streets.

“Hayley Simpson showed no remorse for her actions and is exactly where she belongs. I hope that her time in prison will allow her to reflect on what she’s done.”