Who is setting fires around Grimsby?

19 teenagers arrested and one woman charged with arson

18 Apr 2016

Three teenagers are being sought after a fire was started outside the McDonalds Fast Food Restaurant on Victoria Street, Grimsby on Friday night. 

At 8.15pm (Friday April 15, 2016) cardboard which was leant up against a number of bins outside the McDonalds Restaurant was set alight.

Three teenage boys aged between 15 and 18 years-old were seen on CCTV near the fire, and detectives investigating the arson would like to speak to them in order to help progress their enquiries.

15 minutes before the fire outside McDonalds, recycling boxes were set alight near to the Savers store on Victoria Street, Grimsby.

Of late, since the beginning of April 2016, there have been six deliberate ignitions (arson) in the nearby area.

  • 2nd April – Arson not endangering life – midnight –five wheelie bins down a shared alleyway were set alight, causing them to melt to the ground on Grimsby Road, Cleethorpes.
  • 3rd April – between 9pm and midnight – blue Vauxhall Vivaro van was stolen from owners driveway, on Neptune Street, Cleethorpes, before driving the van onto Roberts Street, Grimsby and setting it on fire. 4th April – between 7.30 – 7.50pm – Arson Endangering Life. The Albion which is in a derelict state was deliberately set alight, causing extensive damage. 
  • 6th April – between 11.30 and midnight – Arson not endangering life. Discarded mattress in an alleyway at the back of Daubney Street, Cleethorpes, set alight. Fire spread to fence panels of rear gardens and a neighbours metal shed.
  • 8th April – 3.45pm – Arson not endangering life. Rear garden fence set alight on Sutcliffe Avenue, Grimsby. 

Arson is a crime where something is intentionally, deliberately or maliciously set on fire.

Grimsby’s Detective Chief Inspector Nicki Miller, said; “In the month of March, Humberside Police have had an increase of arsons in the North East Lincolnshire area, I can confirm that they have been treated as a priority due to the threat and risk this poses to the public. 

“At this time 19 people, predominantly teenagers have been arrested for these offences including a 32-year-old Grimsby woman who has been charged.

“Not only are we making arrests for these serious crimes, we are also working closely with our partner agencies including the Fire Service, Housing, North East Lincolnshire Council and Education to help reduce the risk of further fires.

“I am overseeing all the fires deliberately started in this area and confirm that we will continue to make arrests at the earliest opportunity to prevent further offences. Extra police officers have been deployed to the areas where these offences have occurred at the relevant times to prevent further offences. Offences of Arson are very serious and pose a risk to the individual starting the fire and others nearby.  Whilst individuals do not always think about the consequences, once a fire starts it can spread quickly and get out of control causing damage to nearby properties therefore putting other people’s lives at risk. 

“Even though I am using a lot of resources to discourage further fires being started, I need the public’s help including that of parents and family members too. I am sure these young people who are predominately starting these fires, think it is only a bit of fun, but a fire is a very dangerous commodity, and could easily get out of hand and become fatal. If you find your child with lighter fluid, lighters or matches, please quiz them on this and remind them of not only the consequences of fire starting, but the dangers posed by entering or hanging around derelict buildings and getting trapped. I do not want to be the person, knocking on their door delivering some horrific news, because there child was naively playing with fire.  Likewise I do not want a fire to be fatal to people living nearby as a consequence of a fire.  This would destroy a number of lives, the family affected and then the family of the offender who would be arrested and charged accordingly.  I would encourage anyone with any information regarding individuals starting these fires to contact Humberside Police the can remain anonymous if they wish or report anonymously through Crimestoppers on 0800  555 111.  

I would also request that shop keepers selling lighters, lighter fuel, accelerants to ask young people for their identity and age if they are not sure to prevent them selling to people under age.  As a community we all have a part to play to prevent these offences from occurring. 

“I can confirm that some of the fires committed are linked and committed by a number of small groups of teenagers, however others which have recently taken place have been done entirely separate. One way of preventing these fires is to report anything suspicious. If you have any information, please call Humberside Police on 101 or 999 in an emergency.”