Warnings after two arrested for burglary-related car thefts


11 Jul 2019

We’re issuing advice after and a man and a teenager from Hull were arrested in connection with car thefts after car keys were stolen during house burglaries.

The pair who are aged 18 and 16-years-old have been released under investigation while our enquiries continue.

We’re now issuing advice about such crimes. We’re noticing that there has been a pattern emerging recently in the Sutton and Bransholme areas of Hull.

Detective Inspector Rich Osgerby from Hull CID said: “What we’re finding is that most cars that are being stolen in this way are high value marques such as Mercedes, BMWs, and Audis. They are possibly being stolen to order.

“What these criminals do is break in to a house just to steal car keys. The keys are then used to steal the cars often in the dead of night. 

“I believe that most of these cars are being stolen between midnight and 4am when most car and homeowners are sound asleep in bed. 

“There are other elements that we’re investigating that could be involved in these crimes such as the use of false number plates, and so-called ‘chop shops’ where stolen vehicles are dismantled and the parts sold on or used to repair similar vehicles. 

“My team is also looking into third party involvement such as recovery companies and garages used to hide or transport these vehicles. 

“The usual advice applies about keeping your house and car safe and secure. You could also consider keep your car in the garage, locking your gates if you have them, and buying a good CCTV system which these days can be bought quite cheaply.

“If you see anything suspicious at all, anybody looking as though they are ‘scoping’ a property or a vehicle out, or anything out of the ordinary where you live please contact us.

“As always if you have any information about these crimes, call us on 101, 999 if you see a crime in progress, or anonymously to the independent charity Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Advice about home and car security can be found here: