UEFA Euro 2020 Final


9 Jul 2021

Sunday 11 July marks the much-anticipated and long-awaited UEFA Euro’s 2020 final; with England and Italy playing at 8pm.

Ahead of the weekend, Chief Superintendent Darren Wildbore said: “I am pleased to report that we have seen very little disruption or football related offences throughout the games since the start of the tournament and that is a credit to the public who have acted responsibly.

“Our policing approach for this Sunday will be as it has been over the last month, with public safety being our utmost priority and we will continue to actively engage with football fans and members of the public to ensure everyone remains safe and within the Covid guidelines.

“As with previous England games, we will have additional resources to keep people safe and to ensure we can deal with anyone committing offences, but we really hope it will be a time of enjoyment and celebration.

“I will ask that people work with the police, that they respect the people around them and they understand that it’s important to celebrate sensibly and recognise that if the law is broken we will have to intervene so we are urging people to act and drink responsibly.

“If you have any concerns in the lead-up or on Sunday, speak to one of our officers as you see them or ring our non-emergency number 101.”