Two arrested and bikes seized and recovered in targeted OpYellowfin activity

Hull, Bridlington and Pocklington

30 Jul 2020

Across the force Op Yellowfin continues to be on the lookout for motorbikes which may be stolen, ridden dangerously or illegally.

Last Friday (24 July) we carried out targeted activity to try and deal with some local issues that had been reported by our communities as specific problem areas.

In Bridlington local residents have reported on several occasions about off road bikes being ridden on the fields around Gypsey Road in Bridlington.  Our officers patrolled this area along with a number of other reported problem areas in and around Bridlington and Boynton.  Although officers didn’t catch anyone riding in an anti-social way they spoke with a number of residents and walkers who provided key information about possible offences and it also gave us the opportunity to tell people about OpYellowfin and how to report any problems.

In Pocklington we’d received information about a loud off-road type bike being ridden from Horseshoe Crescent in Pocklington. We stopped a rider we suspected to be the offender and spoke to him about his behaviour.  Checks were made on the vehicle and it was found that he was riding it without proper insurance so the bike was seized.

In Hull two men were arrested on suspicion of theft of a motorbike, dangerous driving and the supply of class B drugs after our officers followed them to a North Hull address.  A bike was recovered and evidence of drug dealing was found.  The pair have been released as we continue our investigations.

Inspector Mark Peasgood said, “I am really pleased with the results from this targeted action.  We have been getting some really good information coming in from our communities and it’s leading to nuisance bikes and riders being taken off the streets.

“We want to continue to get the information about people riding bikes antisocially and we also want to know if people suspect stolen bikes are being kept near them.

“If you have any information about motorcycle related crime please call us on 101 and quote #OpYellowfin to our call handlers.  Together we will tackle this type of crime and antisocial behaviour.”

For more information about Op Yellowfin and how you can keep your mototbike safe follow the link: [Protect your motorbike]