Steven Bayes verdict

13 Feb 2018

Detective Inspector Kevin Foster said: “Throughout the investigation and trial Bayes has shown no remorse, continuously denying his culpability. Thanks to the dedication and diligence of the investigating officer, we have been able to show that Bayes was responsible for these offences. 

“Bayes was an elected official who was in a position of trust and he abused that trust. I hope that today’s verdict sends a message out that no one is above the law and allegations of this type of offending will be thoroughly investigated. 

“By bringing Bayes to justice we have been able to safeguard other potential victims. 

“We take these offences incredibly seriously and will investigate allegations in order to bring offenders to justice. I hope today’s outcome gives victims the confidence and trust to come forward and report the matters to us. We will listen and we will investigate.”