Shop launched in Orchard Park as part of early intervention work


20 Oct 2021

Humberside Police’s North Hull Neighbourhood Teams, alongside partner agencies such as Hull City Council, are continuing their work to reduce anti-social behaviour and organised crime in the Orchard Park area, developing existing early intervention and prevention initiatives to support young people.

Community Co-ordinator, Inspector Steve Peck, said: “Building community resilience in Orchard Park has been a priority for us for some time now, and with the support of partner agencies, we have been able to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour head on. As a result, we’re seeing reductions in incidents across the board.

“Despite the success, the work must continue and we need to ensure that the area remains a difficult place for criminals to operate.

“Whilst enforcement and a highly visible patrol and partner presence will remain, prevention work is also key. We are working on a number of projects to encourage children to recognise anti-social behaviour, increase their aspirations and to build positive relationships with the people who live here.
PS Andy Waller and partner agencies in Sports Traider shop
“To support the ongoing partnership work to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, the Sports Traider charity, with support from ourselves, Hull City Council, the Community Safety Partnership, and funding from the Hull Crime Reduction Fund, have opened a shop yesterday (Tuesday 19 October) at The Orchard Park Shopping Centre on Ellerburn Avenue. This will enhance the retail offer, regenerating a retail unit that had been vacant for a period of time. 

“The shop will sell sports clothing at a highly discounted rate, in order to make sports and activities more accessible. Profits generated from the shop will be put back into the local community through the provision of local projects and events.

“Further to this initiative, we work closely with a local boxing club in the heart of the neighbourhood to provide sessions to young people twice a week. We also work with local schools to engage young people in extracurricular interventions to build their confidence, imagination and aspirations.

“The projects span all ages, with some of it taking place in primary school. We believe that the earlier we start intervention, the more likely the child will sustain a life away from exploitation or crime.

“We will be launching the Wise Up! scheme in the area soon which was first piloted in the Hull Central ward in 2019. This partnership programme not only teaches the young people about the risks associated with crime, and how they can prevent themselves from falling into this lifestyle, but also teaches them about topics like health, relationships and career opportunities.

“The scheme has had a huge impact on crime and anti-social behaviour reports for that area but most importantly has made a positive impact on these kids’ lives.” Read about it here.
Inside of Sports Traider shop
Hull City Council’s portfolio holder for communities, Cllr Akbar said: “It’s essential that the proactive partnership is having a positive impact on the lives of young people and the wider community in Orchard Park. Young people are the future and it’s important they are supported and encouraged to make positive decisions throughout their life, starting from childhood.”

Councillor Gary Wareing, ward councillor for Orchard Park and chair of the north area committee, said: “Sports Traider will be a welcome addition to the Orchard Park shopping centre, adding value to this much used local amenity.  The addition of the retail offer together with opportunities for local young people to take part in organised activities will be well received by the local community."