Saving lives and preventing ASB at new Orchard Park flood defences


11 Jul 2019

Work to protect a pond designed to alleviate flooding in Orchard Park in Hull is being done in partnership with Hull City Council, Humberside Fire and Rescue and Humberside Police. 

There have been reports recently of antisocial behaviour (ASB) at the Dane Park Nature Reserve, and of damage being done to the surroundings. 

We want to protect the site which is there primarily to protect people by preventing a repeat of the severe flooding that happened in the area more than ten years ago.

It’s also there for residents to enjoy. 

Another major concern at the pond for us is water safety. Fire crews were called just last week to a report that hessian sacks surrounding the pond had been set on fire. 

When they arrived a group of children were seen hanging around and some were in the water. 

Crews gave safety advice to them only to learn that a young boy had got into trouble earlier in the day and had to be rescued by friends who threw a life ring in to get him.

If life-saving equipment hadn’t been there, the child potentially could have drowned.

Hull North Neighbourhoods Inspector Mark Peasgood said: “My teams will be working with schools and residents in partnership with the council to stop incidents of ASB and vandalism at the nature reserve.

“There have been a few incidents reported to us recently which we’ve dealt with. Along with our partners we’re making sure that it doesn’t get any worse.

“As I’ve said many times in the past, it’s a small number of young kids who are spoiling it for everyone. My officers have a list of names and I assure you, we’ll be going to speak with them. 

“One of our main concerns is the safety of people who visit the area. We don’t want to see rubber rings being stolen or damaged. They’re there for everyone’s safety and they do save lives. We’ve already seen that last week.

“We are going into schools to speak about safety near water, and about ASB and its potential consequences. 

“We want everyone to enjoy this area of Orchard Park which we must remember is there for vital flood defences for everyone living nearby.

“The last thing we and the council want to do is close this off to the public. But if these incidents continue and lives are being put at risk, then that may be a consideration for the future.”