Rural Crime in the spotlight

East Riding of Yorkshire

14 Jul 2021


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For anyone who was not watching the football last Sunday night you might have caught our own Rural Task Force Sergeant Jenna Jones on #Countryfile.

The Countryfile presenter Tom Heap was on the East Yorkshire coast covering the work of the Partnership Operation Seabird. 

Tom Heap with Jenna Jones and Rich FusseyTom (and a cameraman who struggled getting his sea legs) was on board our YaTH Marine and Underwater Search Unit Cheetah Marine catamaran and spoke with Sergeant Jones about the work being done to protect the marine mammals and seabirds along the Yorkshire coast.

The feature is on BBC IPlayer (at around 10 minutes into the programme) and is really worth watching.

Sergeant Jones said, “Having this kind of national media coverage of Operation Seabird is really great.  It raises the awareness in the general public about the dangers they can pose to our sea mammals and birds. 

“People don’t realize that by approaching seals on the beaches is harmful to them and their delicate breading seasons and riding jetskis and taking boats too near to cliffs can cause adult sea birds to leave their nest unattended and effect their eggs and young.

“We are expecting and hoping the great British public come to our coastline and enjoy everything that we can offer, all we ask it that they respect the wildlife and don’t cause any unnecessary suffering to them.”

If you want to find out more about Operation Seabird or our fight against Rural Crime you and go and meet the Rural Task Force, and see their brilliant new #InvestiGATOR at the #DriffieldShow.  The show is over two days on Wednesday 21 and Thursday 22 July this year. 

You can get Driffield show tickets from the website here: