Putting the brakes on antisocial drivers

North East Lincolnshire

8 Nov 2018

Officers in Cleethorpes have been putting the brakes on nuisance drivers, following concerns over speeding and groups behaving antisocially in car parks in the resort.

Over the last month our neighbourhood policing team and traffic officers have come together with Safer Roads Humber to regularly monitor the situation and take action against those flouting the law.

And, as a result, dozens of drivers have been fined or given points on their licence.

PC Dave Cave said: “We know the impact that antisocial behaviour can have on communities and that’s why dealing with it is a priority for us.

“We were aware of concerns over groups of drivers meeting up and doing donuts and wheel spinning in car parks off Kings Road and Hewitt’s Circus, as well as reports of speeding on Kings Road and North Sea Lane.

“What we have found is that of the thousands of drivers we have observed in the area, only a tiny proportion have been breaking the speed limit or committing other driving offences – but where this has been the case, we have taken action.

“Where appropriate, we will always speak to the drivers first to make them aware of the impact their behaviour is having on others and warn them that it’s not acceptable.

“However, if they chose to ignore these warnings or their actions are more serious, then we will prosecute them.

“Over the past month, a total of 31 drivers have been caught speeding, one was arrested on suspicion of drink driving and two for driving while disqualified.

“Others were dealt with after they were found to be driving without the right insurance or no valid MoT in place.

“We have also made use of Section 59 orders, which can be issued to prevent people using their vehicles in an antisocial manner.

“The notices prohibit drivers from behaving in a certain way – for example doing donuts in a supermarket car park – and if they are found to be ignoring the order, we can take further action against them, including seizing their vehicle, so this is a really powerful tool for us.

“We will be continuing to monitor the situation and I what I would say to anyone with concerns about antisocial driving is please get in touch.

“By letting us know what is happening, where it’s happening and when it’s happening, we can make sure we have the right people in place to deal with the problem.”

If you have concerns about crime and antisocial behaviour in your area, speak to your local officers or call 101.

If it’s an emergency, always dial 999.