Protecting vulnerable people through Op Galaxy


30 Oct 2019

Since we officially launched Op Galaxy, our proactive task force dedicated to being on the front foot and targeting those responsible for crime, we have made lots of high profile arrests.

We’ll be letting you know the results when we get them, so watch this space.

But Op Galaxy is not just about knocking in doors, seizing drugs and weapons, and arresting people (even though we’re doing quite well in those areas!)  

We are able to look at and identify vulnerabilities in our communities, and provide help and support ourselves or through our partners to people who need it the most. 

Here are the latest results from Monday 28 October:

  • A man was arrested in North East Lincolnshire in connection with historic sex offence against a child.
  • Arrest attempts were made in Grimsby for a man in connection with sex offences against children, and for another man wanted on suspicion of blackmail.  
  • A property was searched in Grimsby after it was reported that a burglary was in progress. Nothing was found.
  • A search was made of a property on Cleethorpes Road in Grimsby under section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act. A small amount of cannabis was found but no-one was home.

If you have any information about anything that might concern you please call us.

If you have any concerns about someone who lives nearby who you think might be vulnerable or at risk and might need our help, again, please contact us and let us know.