Police supporting communities in flood effected areas

East Riding of Yorkshire

27 Feb 2020



Police officers and staff have been on the ground supporting the East Riding of Yorkshire Council, the Environment Agency and other agencies as we respond to the ongoing flooding incident in Snaith, Gowdall and East Cowick, after the River Aire over-topped.

Local Community Inspector Mark Lovell said, “We’re here to support the residents and business.  It’s a horrible thing to happen and we just want to provide them with as much support as we can to help them get through the flood incident and through the next few days.

“The sorts of things we’ve been doing include helping to deploy sandbags, traffic control, knocking on doors to make sure residents have the most up to date information and helping those who need to evacuate.

“We’ve also been looking after the observation points where we can keep an eye on what the water is doing to try and anticipate the direction it’s going to take and the level of risk.

“The residents have been fantastic – everyone is helping one another and pulling together, but you cannot under-estimate the devastation that floods cause and how difficult it is for people.

“We’ll be here as long as we’re needed we have more information on our website which will help direct those in need to the services that can help them.”

Get help and information here: Flooding Information