Picking internet security software

Cyber Security - Has It Clicked?

8 Oct 2015

How effective is your internet security software?

As part of the Humberside Police Cyber Security – Has It Clicked campaign, experts from the force Cyber Crime unit have put together some advice on making the most of internet security software – and how to choose the best system for the needs of your business.

Superintendent Phillip Ward said: “One of the biggest things to remember about internet security software is that it is not effective if it is switched off or it is not regularly updated.

“Choosing the right system for your needs is also important and can depend on the size and nature of your business.

“You should give consideration to ensuring it includes everything you need to protect - not only your computers but your mobile devices and infrastructure too – as this is likely to require a smaller financial commitment than buying each component separately.”

Among the most common products on the market are:

Package or standalone antivirus and antispyware software – Most internet security software companies have range of packages available, from basic programmes which only scan for viruses, to products including firewall, spam filtering, anti-spyware controls and internet content filters.

Free internet security software – In most cases, free antivirus and antispyware products are simply ‘no-frills’ versions of packages available for sale, with aim of enticing customers to upgrade to a paid for package. The protection factor is likely to be equivalent to the paid-for version, but with limited or no technical support and reduced functionality.

If you’re downloading a free security product, make sure you use a reputable firm and a trustworthy website.

Manufacturer supplied – Some retailers and manufacturers provide security packages as part of the ‘bundle’ when you purchase your PC, laptop or tablet. You don’t have to use this software but if you do, make sure you keep in mind when the free trial period runs out. If you’re using another system along with one supplied by the manufacturer, or any other package you have bought, make sure they won’t cancel each other out.

Supt Ward added: “Security software is only one tool in preventing cyber crime and, as with many things, prevention is easier than the cure.

“There are simple messages that should be circulated to all staff to avoid accidentally infecting your system with malware or other malicious software packages.

“You should always be wary of clicking on links or opening attachments in unexpected emails from unknown sources.

“Staff should also avoid using USB connected devices, such as memory sticks or external hard drives, from unknown sources – and the same applies to CDs and DVDs.”

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