Operation Trivium IV Results


1 Jul 2015

Last week Humberside Police focused its attention on catching travelling foreign criminals who avoid detection and move around the UK to commit crime.

Working along with neighbouring police forces, Immigration Enforcement, TISPOL (European Traffic Police Network), Gangmasters Licensing Authority, ACRO Criminal Records Office and other agencies, Humberside Police officers continued their effort to prevent possible foreign gangs thought to be involved in shoplifting, fraud, metal theft, theft from vehicles and child sex exploitation, committing crime in our area.

Sergeant Jez Kelly, from Humberside’s Roads Policing department said: “Operation Trivium is a national program. It is notoriously difficult to tackle travelling criminals without the help from our partner agencies who assist the police in piecing together a national picture on travelling criminals to prevent worker exploitation, protect vulnerable people and tackle unlicensed and criminal activity.

“We know we have many foreign criminals who move around the country and are not linked to any individual or established communities. Last week we aimed to highlight some of the effort the police and other agencies are putting into dismantling this, at times sophisticated group of criminals.

“I must stress, this is not a witch hunt on foreign nationals. Operation Trivium uses intricate analysis and intelligence to identify possible migrants or illegal immigrants who are believed to be travelling the country committing crime.”

Across Yorkshire and Humberside 777 vehicles were stopped, of those 604 were driven by foreign drivers. 86 vehicles seized, 43 people were arrested, and an invaluable amount of intelligence was gathered to potentially piece together a national picture on travelling criminals.

The results in Humberside: 94 vehicles stopped of those;

  • 9 arrests
  • 4 drink driving
  • 1 theft from motor vehicle
  • 1 disqualified driving
  • 1 money laundering
  • 1 cause serious injury by dangerous driving
  • 1 dangerous driving

14 vehicles were seized, nine prohibition notices (so many defects identified, the vehicle is detained until the defects are rectified), one hazchem prohibition (a carriage with dangerous and hazardous substances is deemed so dangerous it is detained until the defects are rectified), 16 tax offences.

Notable Jobs:

23/06/15 - Arrest of Latvian man who had driven HGV and refrigerated trailer from Belton to Immingham, failed to connect the brakes to the trailer.

29/06/15 - A15 nr Scunthorpe  - 0410hrs head-on collision between two UK vehicles. One of which was driven by a Latvian man, which left the other driver in a life threatening condition in hospital. Three Latvian men were arrested on suspicion of causing serious injury by dangerous driving. A search of their vehicle located several thousand pounds and a variety of credit cards in different names. The three men were then further arrested for fraud offences.