Operation Seabird Day of Action 4 June 2021 – protecting our marine birds and wildlife across the coastline


8 Jun 2021

Friday 4 June 2021 saw an Operation Seabird Day of Action.  A day to raise awareness about the importance of our coastline and reduce water-borne disturbance to the sensitive wildlife and to prevent harm to our precious coastal wildlife.

Across the force our officers were working in partnership with North Yorkshire Police, Lincolnshire Police, the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), RSPCA, RSPB, the local authorities of the East Riding and North East Lincolnshire along with many other partners and charities.

Op Seabird LogoJenna Jones, Heritage, Wildlife & Rural Crime Sergeant from Humberside Police Rural Task Force said, “Operation Seabird was launched in 2020 as a multi-agency partnership operation to educate the public about the importance of the resident wildlife and the impact that these disturbance events can cause.

“The key focus of the operation is to ensure that members of the public, who are using the waters along the coast, do so in a responsible way.  We want to ensure they keep their distance from the wildlife to prevent intentional disturbance and to safeguard this stretch of coastline, allowing future generations to enjoy the spectacle we see today.

Taking part in Operation Seabird in the East Riding of Yorkshire was PC Kevin Jones who said, “Throughout the day we conducted high visibility water patrols in partnership with the Marine Management Organisation (MMO) in The Yorkshire and The Humber (YaTH) Marine and Underwater Search Unit’s custom made catamaran.

The Yorkshire and The Humber (YaTH) Marine and Underwater Search Unit’s custom made catamaran“These high visibility patrols were conducted from Scarborough’s North Bay down to Flambrough’s South Landing.  Paying particular attention to the waters off the RSPB Bempton’s visitor centre and the Flamborough headland.

“Along the coast a number of community events were held at the ERYC Wilsthorpe boat and Jet Ski launch and at RSPB Bempton, these event were staffed by our amazing police volunteers and members of the Rural Task Force.

“Ground patrols were also conducted along the Flamborough headland with ERYC management officers, MMO and Seal Alliance staff.  Who reported that no enforcement was required on the day however plenty of engagement and education was provided to visitors and water users.”

“We are delighted with the positivity people have received our operation with and know that the national media attention the day of action has drawn will only help to raise the profile of the precious East Riding coast.”

Working alongside partner agencies in North East Lincolnshire, Humberside Police Rural Crime Officer PC Jane Proud, said: “The current restrictions have impacted on national and international travel and the number of people visiting our estuary and coastline has increased massively.

“We want people to visit and enjoy the beautiful landscapes we have on our doorstep, but do so in a way that does not come at the expense to the important species and delicate habitats that we are so lucky to have.”