Op Drive Insured


15 Nov 2021

A week-long campaign, beginning on Monday 15 November and running until Sunday 21 November, has been launched within the UK with the aim of reducing uninsured driving levels.

This will see increased roads policing activity throughout the country.

Inspector Tony Tinsley, from the Roads Policing Unit, said: “Insurance is an essential aspect of vehicle use in the UK, as it protects everyone.

“The law is absolute on this and all motor vehicles being used on a public highway must meet minimum insurance requirements.

“We often see drivers who have simply forgotten to renew their insurance policy or there are those drivers who deliberately drive without insurance as they want to avoid the cost.

“Driving without insurance can have devastating consequences. If you are driving a car, it is your responsibility. This includes people driving company vehicles.

“If you are caught without insurance you will be fined a minimum of £300 and your license will be endorsed with a minimum of 6 penalty points.

“This will be substantially more if the matter is heard at Magistrates Court.

“We also seize the vehicle following the stop and the driver or owner is responsible for the recovery and storage costs.

"The vehicle won’t be handed back until there’s valid insurance in place.

“Getting the right insurance for your vehicle is essential.

“Even if the vehicle isn’t yours, but you’re driving it, you are almost always the one who is responsible.

“If your insurance company has the facility, you can ask to be enrolled into their auto-renewal scheme to make sure you’re always covered.

“If obtaining insurance online, make sure you list the correct detail [vehicle make, model, colour, and registration plate] as most insurance companies do not check this information.

“And if you are ever in doubt as to whether the vehicle you are driving has insurance, you can check with your insurer, the owner, through the Gov UK website, or via the Motor Insurers Bureau website: www.mib.org.uk.”