Officers working with Orchard Park residents to create a safe community


7 Jun 2021

Orchard Park has been a key priority area with the local neighbourhood team, led by Sergeant Andy Waller, working with the local community to tackle residents priority issues.

As a result, 2021 has seen many criminals and organisations being disrupted over the last year.

Sergeant Andy Waller said: “The Orchard Park Estate Neighbourhood Policing Team have been working with the community, as well as our partner agencies, to tackle the issues concerning them the most.

“Engaging with the local residents on a daily basis, and through Humber Talking, is what is most important to us as the impact of these crimes can be significant within a small area.

“As a result, we have seen a major decrease in anti-social behaviour and have been able to identify and target the individuals bringing harm to our communities.

“This involved us focusing on Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) who have caused intimidation to the public and are often involved in disruptive behaviour.

“Proactive work has been taken to remove these criminals from our streets and actions have included Operation Galaxy where six people were arrested from warrants carried out within this area.

“A three-month long operation was also conducted where vast intelligence was highlighted and 133 people were arrested for ASB type offences in and around this location.

“11 drug warrants were also carried out and a closure order was granted for a property on Ilthorpe.

“Following this operation, two new neighbourhood officers have been added to the area on a permanent basis.

“Our proactive work as above, coupled with multiple other warrants and intelligence, has culminated in the crime rate in the Orchard Park Estate dropping dramatically with burglary down by 24%, theft by 28% and arson and criminal damage down by 23% in the last year.

“Whilst we have made significant progress on tackling the concerns of the community, our work is far from over.

“Our aim is to continue to build links with the community and to work on long term solutions to the issues that they are raising.

“The Orchard Park Estate Neighbourhood Policing Team are dedicated to making this area a safe place to life.

“We are continually on patrol either by car, foot, or bike, so please come and speak to us if you see us.

“Otherwise, you can report any information via our 101 service, 999 in an emergency, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you would prefer to report anonymously.”