A night Out On Pawtrol

UPDATED: Find out what a typical shift is like for our police dogs

24 Aug 2018

Fans of our police dogs have had a real treat, with the chance to join two of our furry colleagues and their handlers #OutOnPawtrol.

PC Steve Matthews, PD Neo, PC Emma Coulten and PD Ben, PC Dan Haile and PD Kodi have all taken to Twitter, posting real time updates into their work @HPDogSection.

They also gave fascinating insights into what goes into caring and training our police dogs.

 PD Ben and PC Coulten are some of our latest recruits to the #TeamHumberside dogs team and are getting hands on experience of their new role, with help and guidance from PC Matthews, PD Toby and PD Neo.

Thank you for all your lovely messages of support for the team and your questions – which we’re more than happy to answer, so keep them coming.

In case you missed it, we have put together a round-up of their posts here.

7pm. We are out on an afternoon walk with Neo who is one half of the #OutOnPawtrol team tonight. Neo has decided to drop his new toy in the ditch and has lost it. Cost too much to let that one go!


7.40pm. Back at home, dogs in their kennel and having tea. Our dogs live with us at our homes, kennels are provided by the Police but it’s our responsibility to maintain and clean them often. Food is provided too, but we choose which food is best for our dogs. #OutOnPawtrol


8pm. Dogs walked + fed. 2 hours before briefing. It’s important to give dogs rest after they’ve eaten, especially Neo as he is a large, deep chested dog. Exercise or lots of movement/excitement after a feed can be dangerous. #OutOnPawtrol animalwised.com/gastric-torsio… via @animalwised

9pm. 1 hour before #OutOnPawtrol. Setting off to work. We supply our own cages to fit in our personal cars that have to meet strict safety and welfare standards. Neo straight in his which I bought from @TransK9

9.25pm. Half an hour before #OutOnPawtrol and we have jumped in the Police dog van and are on our way to the first job - a theft of digger in progress reported by member of public walking by building site in North Hull.

10pm. It was a call with good intent - workers have come to collect the digger for another job tomorrow. #OutOnPawtrol

10.15pm. Rushed out before so just arrived back at our base to get the remainder of our kit. Quick tour of our ‘office’ food store, kennels, vehicles. #OutOnPawtrol

10.25pm. Responding to an address in Hull to back up divisional officers. Not sure of full details, disturbance heard on call to Police and mention of a knife. Less than a mile away now, we are going to be first officers on scene.

11pm. Incident dealt with, everything has returned to normality. 2 males taken away by divisional officers. Nobody had a knife on them when we arrived. Was called to another job whilst we were there but that has since been dealt with so now on patrol...pawtrol even #OutOnPawtrol

11.30pm. Heading to Bransholme to search for two suspicious males reported by member of public. #OutonPawtrol

11.40pm. Diverted to a male breaking into a vehicle. CCTV monitoring. Making progress, 3 miles away at moment. #OutOnPawtrol

12.15am. Negative search for the male, stayed in the area for a while but now diverted to a possible theft of diesel from parked lorries. #OutOnPawtrol

12.40am. Male makes off from officers with a barrel of stolen diesel, PD Neo does what he does best. One Male in custody suspicion of theft of diesel. #OutOnPawtrol

1.05am. Currently searching the area the male was seen for any items he may have discarded. #OutOnPawtrol

1.25am. Strangely enough our search has led us to a yard full of vehicles and diesel tanks. It’s going to have to be left for divisional officers to continue as we have been called to a dwelling burglary in East Yorkshire. #OutOnPawtrol

1.35am. Suspects of burglary have made off over fields. We’ve put PD Ben on the trial. #OutOnPawtrol

2.15am. PD Ben has tracked over multiple fields, they’ve definitely been this way as can see occasional footprint. The track led onto a main road and went cold. Good track for our new recruit PD Ben. When do you ever see a clean dog handler?! #OutonPawtrol

Quick walk for the dogs, good chance to meet the teams: PC Emma Coulten and PD Ben. PC Steve Matthews and PD Neo. #OutonPawtrol



2.45am. Vehicle stopped that is linked to previous theft offences. Details of occupants obtained and checked. Details will be passed to the investigating officer. We’ve been looking for this vehicle for a while. #OutOnPawtrol

3am. Alarm activation at a commercial premise. Checked all outside of building and yard, all secure. #OutOnPawtrol

3.30am. Multiple calls to fight. Male being attacked in the street. #OutOnPawtrol

4am. Arrived first on scene, located both victim and suspect. No immediate medical attention needed, few bumps and grazes. Handed incident onto divisional officers. Going to try find somewhere to give dogs a quick walk. #OutOnPawtrol

4.45am. Dogs walked. Now on our way to a commercial burglary reported by a remote monitoring security company. Some distance away unfortunately. #OutOnPawtrol

4.50am. Not far off the commercial burglary now, reports of a male with a knife in the street. No one else in street, CCTV monitoring trying to find him, that’s our next job. #OutOnPawtrol

5.10am. We’ve been at the commercial burglary a few minutes now. We can’t search inside, it’s not the 8ft fence as dogs can scale that high in training it’s the metal spikes on the top! The remote monitoring company have had no further activations. #OutOnPawtrol

5.15am. No longer needed at the job where a male was in the street with a knife. CCTV located him and he had dropped the knife and walked off. Being spoken to by divisional officers. #OutOnPawtrol

5.40am. Caught up from the incidents we’ve been too during the night. First coffee of the night. Cheers! #OutOnPawtrol

6.05am. Walking both PD Ben and PD Neo before heading back to base. #OutOnPawtrol

6.15am. Can’t have too many pictures of dogs! Nice to have a chilled 10 minutes with them after they’ve worked so hard for us all night. #OutOnPawtrol


6.30am. Handover to the early turn dog handler who starts at 7. They are ready to go for any incidents now which gives us time to put the dogs in the kennels whilst we give the car cages a good clean. #OutOnPawtrol

6.40am. Washing, scrubbing, disinfecting the cages. #OutOnPawtrol


7.10am. Vehicle fuelled and cleaned, kit put away, dogs in cars. Booked off duty. Time to set off home. Our duty is far from over yet! #OutOnPawtrol

7.40am. Now back at home, PD Neo gets the once over in the light, double check for any injuries, especially his pads, thankfully he is all ok, there’s been a few times in the past unfortunately he has picked up injuries at work. Breakfast time and fresh water. #OutOnPawtrol

7.40am. Bed time for PD Neo but look whose just woke up in the next kennel. Toby and Scout! They don’t start their training until next week and both need a good run before it’s my turn to go to bed. It’s not just #OutOnPawtrol for the handler and dogs this is a 24/7 commitment.

We hope everyone has enjoyed our tweets for the #OutOnPawtrol night as much as we have enjoyed sharing our shift with you. It was a typical weekday night last night, not overly busy compared to some! Police dogs are vital in modern day Policing, thank you all for your support. 

Before heading to bed, PC Matthews also took the time to answer questions from their followers – including how much food the PDs eat and why they don’t wear shoes.

We have tried in the past but they really don’t like it and it’s not natural for them. We risk assess all situations that we put the dogs in and if it’s not safe for them they simply don’t do it. Firearms dogs get more exposed to shoes as do the specialist dogs. Good Question

The dogs get fed according to the ideal weight and what the suppliers recommend. Plus we take into account how active they have been as like us they burn calories dependent on how much they move. Hope that helps 

Thursday, August 30


12pm. We are out on a nice sunny walk before setting off to start our shift. Follow us this afternoon #OutOnPawtrol to see what a late shift is like in the dog section. We will update you when we have PD Ben and his handler Emma on board with us before the briefing at 3pm


12.30pm - PD Ben has been out for his walk prior to the shift and now it’s back home for some grooming and kennel management. We will tell you about our grooming and cleaning regime in a while and get you some photos too #OutOnPawtrol


1pm We groom our dogs daily for a number of reasons. It builds a strong bond between the dog & handler, Activates the sebaceous glands to produce sebum, removes dead hair and dirt preventing parasites, alleviates the need for a bath and stems disease. #OutOnPawtrol And they love it!


4pm - we have been deployed to a firearms incident before we even arrived at work! We are currently standing by and will tweet what we can but at them moment can’t reveal any information. Prepped to go #OutOnPawtrol


#OutOnPawtrol Our colleagues are extremely busy dealing with an ongoing incident at the moment and are unable to live tweet. Hopefully they will be back with you soon. Hope the handlers and dogs stay safe. Thank you for your understanding


10pm Nights are on the way to replace us at this incident we have been dealing with all day. We are sorry that there haven’t been many tweets but it’s been very busy and it looks like our colleagues will be in for a long night. On route back to base shortly. #OutOnPawtrol


10.30pm On the way back to HQ and we find a damsel in distress on a fast road with a blown out tyre. Safely removed from danger and assisted with loosening the very tight wheel nuts on the car. Safely on her way home now #OutOnPawtrol


11pm - This team are all ready for home and feeding time now. A busy shift but unfortunately nothing we could share for safety reasons. We are planning to do another shift where we might have better luck. Keep tuned for some news on that next week ! #OutOnPawtrol Thank you again