New technology to tackle antisocial behaviourin Market Weighton

East Riding

2 Oct 2018

Two teenage boys have appeared before the courts charged with causing criminal damage in Market Weighton.

While neither can be named for legal reasons, one of the 17-year-olds has been ordered to pay £280 compensation and £85 court costs after admitting criminal damage.

Beverley Magistrates Court heard he had been involved in spray painting indecent images and offensive symbols onto the road in Scots Croft.

A second 17-year-old boy has denied being involved in the incident and is due to return to court for trial on October 26.

Our teams have also been out in the area working with everyone from local schools to motorists, businesses and residents to help prevent antisocial behaviour in the town.

And we’re exploring how using the latest technology could help us in the future.

Insp Mark Lovell and Sgt Dave Lonsdale visiting one of the areas where we have had reports of antisocial behaviour

Insp Mark Lovell said: “We’ve done a lot of work in the area to reduce antisocial behaviour and we’ve had some really positive results, with very few reported incidents in the last few weeks.

“What we’re doing now is to work with the Town Council to plan ahead and explore new ways of stopping antisocial behaviour in future.

“We’ve had a lot of success in Hessle with ‘speaking CCTV cameras’ and we’re looking at whether we could replicate that here.

“As well as using the existing CCTV cameras to monitor what’s happening in an area, the technology allows us to speak to people through speakers fitted to the cameras, warning them when their behaviour isn’t appropriate.

“We have found this is often enough to stop antisocial behaviour and that people are also much less likely to behave in this way again in the future.”

The discussions came as part of a wider drive to deal with a range of issues and help give something back to the community.

Insp Lovell added: “We coordinated work to clear up the Monkey Run and it’s now looking fantastic.

“We’ve also had lots of patrols out across the town at all times of day and night to target criminals and offer support, advice and reassurance to residents.

“A big part of what we’ve been doing is getting out there and speaking to people.

“We’ve had stands in some of the busiest shopping areas offering crime prevention advice and the opportunity to speak to our officers.

“We’ve also been into both the secondary and primary schools to talk to the pupils about how they can get involved in positive activities in the town and how we can help with this.

“We also talk about the impact of antisocial behaviour and how what can seem like harmless fun can seriously affect others.”

PCSO Rosie Emerton and Insp Mark Lovell on patrol at Aspen Close play area

And it’s not just about working with young people.

Insp Lovell said: “We work closely with local landlords to see how we can come together to make sure that everyone going out in the town can have a fun and enjoyable night without issues associated with excessive drinking or drugs.

“Our traffic officers also deal with issues on the roads and that’s not only about doing speed checks, although this does have a role to play.

“Recently we have dealt with someone who is suspected of driving while disqualified and another driver who was believed to be travelling with an insecure load.”

If you have concerns about crime or antisocial behaviour in your area, please let us know about it so we can take action.

You can call us on 101 – or 999 if you’re in immediate danger. Alternatively, speak to our team when they’re out and about or report issues via our website.