New project encourages teens to get involved in social projects


20 Mar 2020

A new project in Hull City Centre is encouraging young people to ‘Wise Up’ and get involved with youth projects in their area.

It is a scheme run by our Early Intervention Team and is aimed at young people that have previously been involved in antisocial behaviour or crime in the city centre.

PC Tim McGowan, Community Beat Manager for the area said: “Hull City Centre is a lively and busy area and we know that the vast majority of adults and young people visit to enjoy the shopping, dining and leisure on offer without thought of behaving antisocially or committing crime.

“That being said, there are a small minority that come to cause issues for others and that is where projects like this one come into play.

“Over recent months, the local team have been looking at all reports involving young people causing issues in Hull City Centre, reviewing CCTV to identify anyone involved.

“These youngsters have then been enrolled on our Wise Up programme which is run by our Early Intervention Team.

“What this means is that officers visit the teenagers and their parents at home and speak to them about the potential impact of their behaviour. We encourage them to spend their time more productively, giving them the information they need to get involved in local social projects.

“Alongside colleagues from Hull City Council, we then monitor their behaviour and where we see antisocial behaviour or crime continuing, behavioural contracts are put in place or criminal proceedings are sought.

“I am confident that this scheme will help young people find something that they enjoy doing that also benefits the community and I am really looking forward to seeing what they achieve and gain through it.”