Men appear in court charged with Hare Coursing

Yesterday 11 defendants appeared at Beverley Magistrates Court charged with hare coursing under Section 30 of the Game Act 1831

16 Mar 2017

Seven men pleaded guilty, the details of which are:

Martin Gray (35) of Delamere Road, Rochdale, Lancashire (offence in Carnaby 11 December 2016)
William Bridges (33) of Broach Road, Stourport-on-Severn (offence in Carnaby 11 December 2016)
Both men received a £150 fine, £30 surcharge, £85 cost & Criminal Behaviour Order for three years (details of the order are below)

James Rooney (19) of Northhampton Rd, Market Harborough, Leicestershire (offence in Carnaby 11 December 2016)
Edward Price (28) of Roch Vale Caravan Park, Pringle St, Rochdale (offence in Carnaby 11 December 2016)
Both men received a conditional discharge for 12 months & £20 surcharge

Craig Dugdale (27) of Cheshire Place, Bishop Auckland, County Durham received a £150 fine, £30 surcharge, £85 cost & Criminal Behaviour Order for three years (see below) (offence in Fraisthorpe 11 December 2016)

Chris Blood (28) of Hillside Rd, Bishop Auckland, County Durham (offence in Fraisthorpe 11 December 2016)
Dominic Barlow (27) of Eden Close, Bishop Auckland, County Durham (offence in Fraisthorpe 11 December 2016)
Both men received a £200 fine, £30 surcharge, £85 cost & Criminal Behaviour Order for three years (see below)

Three other men pleaded not guilty and their cases will be heard at a later date.  The case against another man was adjourned.

This follows two men and a juvenile appearing at Beverley Magistrates Court on 8 March for offences of Hare Coursing under Section 30 of the Game Act 1831.  The juvenile was given and absolute discharge, one man was found guilty and was fined £85, the second man was conditionally discharged and ordered to pay a £20 fine.

All of the offences took place in the East Riding between October and December 2016.

Humberside Police Force Wildlife & Rural Crime Officer, Julie Turrell, said “Hare coursing remains a major problem in our area during the winter months.  It is with increased patrols by the wildlife and rural crime officers and the help of local people being our eyes and ears and reporting these crimes that we can catch people in the act and bring them to justice.”

“Through joint working between Police and a dedicated CPS Wildlife Crime Prosecutor we are able to ensure continuity from offence to prosecution at court; sending out a clear message that this type of activity will be dealt with robustly in the Humberside Police area.”

The manager of the Antisocial Behaviour Team at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Nigel Brignall, said “The East Riding of Yorkshire Council fully support action taken to protect our rural communities and will continue to work with colleagues at Humberside Police to ensure people who choose to come to the East Riding to behave in this manner are stopped from doing so in the future.”

Highlights of the Criminal Behaviour Order issued to the defendants

The defendant is prohibited from:

Entering the Humberside Police area, except for the purposes of travelling to or from the ferry terminal at Hull and when travelling with pre-booked tickets to Humberside Airport to catch an aeroplane

Acting or encourage others to act in any behaviour that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress to others, anywhere in Humberside Police Area.

Remaining in a group of two or more persons in any outdoor space or public place within Humberside Police area where that group or any individuals within that group cause harassment, alarm or distress to others

The defendant must: Have any sight hound in his ownership microchipped to the defendant’s correct address