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Domestic Abuse: Speak Out, We Will Listen

4 Nov 2015


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Would it surprise you to know on average a victim will encounter 35 abusive incidents before they consider reporting it to the police?

To a person who has never encountered an abusive relationship, it may seem incredible someone would forgive their partner for hurting them physically, mentally or financially, but until you are in this position yourself, it is hard to understand.

A brave survivor of an abusive relationship has spoken of her experiences to explain how abuse can happen in all walks of life. For the purpose of this article we have called our victim Laura. Click here for Laura’s story.

Detective Inspector Craig Nicholson said: “Domestic abuse can impact upon any family and the effects can be devastating. Perpetrators of domestic abuse don’t wear a warning sign; they can often appear charming and caring to begin with and may groom their victims and those around them to gain trust, embedding themselves in relationships. 

“Victims may experience many forms of abuse from physical and sexual assaults to more subtle behaviours which undermine, humiliate, isolate and control their victim. It takes a lot of courage for a victim of domestic abuse to seek help, and often victims stay in abusive relationships through fear of reprisals, financial dependence and the perceived impact that leaving may have upon children, family and friends.

“Humberside Police work closely with our partners to ensure victims of domestic abuse can feel confident in seeking help and support; we are committed to safeguarding victims and children and pursuing those who perpetrate domestic abuse to ensure the pattern of abuse does not continue or escalate. 

“I would encourage anyone who is suffering domestic abuse to contact the police or one of our support service partners.”

Laura’s accounts have been recorded and can be heard here. Her words have been spoken by an actor to maintain her anonymity.

If you suspect a loved one, neighbour, colleague or friend is suffering in silence, you can report your suspicions anonymously to Humberside Police on 101, or 999 in an emergency. We will deal with each case thoroughly and sensitively.

For more details on domestic abuse, please contact any of the following in confidence: Humberside Police on 101, East Riding Domestic Violence Abuse Project (DVAP) on 01482 396330, Hull Domestic Abuse Project (DAP) on 01482 318759, or Its My Right Project for North and North East Lincolnshire on 0800 1974787. Alternately speak to your GP or local Social Services.

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