Launch of Operation Galaxy


28 Oct 2019

Operation Galaxy is our new, proactive task force comprising detectives, officers and staff from Major Crime, Roads Policing, Intelligence, Police dogs and handlers, Economic Crime and various other departments, who are now all co-located and will be targeting criminals across the Humberside Force area who are causing our communities the most harm.

The priority team will work solely on a proactive basis, working on intelligence and information to pinpoint where offenders are committing crime, and then taking action and putting measures in place to dismantle and disrupt any criminality.

Detective Superintendent Martin Smalley, who has set up the Op Galaxy Team said: “The remit of Operation Galaxy is to proactively target those responsible for committing crime in our communities by taking control of our streets and roads to make the lives of criminals and predators difficult and uncomfortable. 

“The team will look at all types of crime from organised crime, drug related offences and county lines where our young people are being exploited, violent crime, robbery, burglary and antisocial behaviour, we will be working around the clock to take action against individuals who cause distress and misery in our communities and to make a real impact on crime.”

Operation Galaxy has been operational for just two weeks, and even though the team has been settling in and getting started, there’s already been some great results.

All across the force area since Monday 14 October, on both the north and south banks, there have been:

  • 25 arrests - 17 of those in connection with drugs offences, 7 of people who were of high risk of harm, and 1 in connection with serious acquisitive crime.
  • 14 warrants executed under section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.
  • Approximately £18,000 worth of various illegal drugs has been seized.
  • Over £7,000 in cash has been seized. 
  • 6 weapons including air weapons and blades have been seized.
  • 10 arrest attempts were made for people of high risk of harm.
  • 18 searches of premises were made - 10 of those were done under sections 17, 18, and 32 of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act, 7 were voluntary, and one was done of a vehicle.
  • 2 stop/searches were carried out under section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Leading the team operationally, Inspector Paul Bennett said: “Bringing together all of our specialisms from across the Force into one multi-disciplinary team, allows us to effectively pre plan and target criminals from every angle – whether they use the roads to commit crime or they are laundering money,

"Op Galaxy will proactively take action against them.

“We have listened to our communities and we know what concerns them, and we will do all we can to tackle the issues that matter the most, and hold those responsible for crime to account and bring them to justice.

“We do need your help though, and we would always encourage you to report any offences to us so we can build the bigger picture and take action. You can provide information to the charity Crimestoppers completely anonymously on 0800 555111, or on their website

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