Joint statement from Hull City Council and Humberside Police

Hull: Public safety concerns at Hull Fair

7 Oct 2017

Due to public safety concerns this evening (6 October 2017) at Hull Fair, security chains on a gate which allowed access to Argyle Street had to be cut to allow the gate to be opened.

This was because a number of members of the public had tried to access the gate on their way into and from the fair, but were unable to as it was locked.

There were attempts by some individuals to climb over and around the gate.

A multi-agency decision to open the gate was taken by Hull City Council, Humberside Fire and Rescue Service, Yorkshire Ambulance Service and Humberside Police to ensure that the safety of the public was protected.

No injuries were reported. The gate was opened until 11.00pm to allow people through. It did not sustain any damage during the operation.

Measures are now in place to secure the gate which will remain closed for the duration of the fair.