Join us #OnTheBeat

South bank: Northern Lincolnshire teams are taking to Twitter

17 Sep 2018

You’ve already joined us out #OnTheBeat in the East Riding – and now we’re offering you the chance to spend some time with our neighbourhood teams on the south bank.

This week teams from Grimsby, Scunthorpe and rural North Lincolnshire will be taking to Twitter to give live updates about their shifts as they head out across the area to serve our communities.

As you'll see, no two days are the same, with our officers tackling everything from antisocial behaviour and neighbourhood disputes to assisting with warrants, helping people in need and dealing traffic collisions.

On Wednesday it’s the turn of our Grimsby officers (our Cleethorpes teams will have their turn next month), giving you real time insights from 7am to midnight.

They’ll be out and about on the streets from the town centre to Immingham and everywhere in between, so if you want to find out what life is really like for our officers, make sure you follow @HP_Grimsby #OnTheBeatInGrimsby.

On Thursday you can join the Scunthorpe teams, who will be posting updates from the town centre and surrounding area @HP_Scunthorpe #OnTheBeatInScunny.

And on Friday we’ll be heading out into rural North Lincolnshire.

If you’re in Barton, Brigg, Winterton, Broughton, Appleby, Ferry or Ridge you can follow @BriggWinterton #OnTheBeatInRuralNLincs.

For the Isle of Axholme – including Gunness and Burringham – follow @HP_Axholme #OnTheBeatOnTheIsle

So, if you would like to learn more about life on the beat – or you have any questions for our officers – make sure you get involved.

We also know that not everyone will be able to follow the teams for the whole event, so keep an eye out for around-up of all their tweets and pictures on the news section of our website.