International Women's Day - Roads Policing


8 Mar 2019

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating the wonderful women in our teams that work hard to make our communities safer and stronger in a series of articles.

Our women are an important part of the force and do a whole range of different roles. From solicitors in our legal department to detectives investigating serious and organised crime to officers on the beat responding to incidents.

We caught up with a few of them to see why they decided to get into policing and what they like about their jobs.

Heather is an Inspector in our roads policing team and has been an officer for 26 years, she said:

“When I was a PC, a couple of officers that I had worked with joined the traffic unit (as it was called back then) and thought it was something that I would also enjoy. I began to get more involved in that area of work, volunteering to attend collisions, stopping vehicles and dealing with drivers for road traffic offences. After getting a taste, I decided that I would enjoy it, applied and was accepted.

“As a traffic PC I completed training to develop my skills in dealing with road traffic collisions, from the very minor ones through to fatalities. I also completed a family liaison course to learn how to help families that have lost loved ones in collisions.

“As a traffic PC I also stopped drivers who were speeding, driving without seatbelts, drink driving and committing other driving offences. All to try and make the roads a safer place.

“After about a year I was promoted to sergeant, leaving the roads policing team for a short while. I didn’t stay away too long though and have since returned to the team as an Inspector.  

“As inspector, I have responsibility for the day to day running of the roads policing unit and the serious collisions unit that deal with the fatal and most serious collisions.

“Whilst my job as an inspector has become much more office based, I do still attend some serious or fatal collisions and help the team piece together what has happened.

“Being able to tell families who have lost loved ones what actually happened often helps them process their loss so this is an important part of our job.

It also helps us to bring offenders to justice when they have shown blatant disregard for the safety of others, which is very satisfying for me and my team.

“Working in roads policing is such a varied role, from seizing criminal’s cars, to dealing with serious collisions, to using tactics to stop a car in a pursuit.

“There are so many roles within the police, it’s just about finding the bit you like the best and there are plenty to choose from: community, investigation, roads policing and many others. You can look to specialise or even have a crack at them all!

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my years as a police officer. Helping those in need us and stopping those that flout the law, is still what makes me tick.”

Keep an eye on our website throughout the day today as we will be sharing more stories from women in different roles across the force.