International Women's Day - Method of entry officer


8 Mar 2019

This International Women’s Day we are celebrating the wonderful women in our teams that work hard to make our communities safer and stronger in a series of articles.

We have already heard from our roads policing inspector Heather about what it is like to police our roads, next we spoke to one of our police constables Susie. 

Susie is specially trained as a method of entry officer, meaning that she can safely break down a door to gain entry to a property, where there is a need to do so.

Susie said: “I have been with the force for nearly 13 years now but became a police officer about three years ago.

“I decided to train as a method of entry officer after going to previous jobs where someone inside a property needed assistance only to find that the doors and windows were locked and I couldn’t get inside.  

“Now that I am trained I am able to safely create access to the property so that myself, my colleagues and in some cases other emergency service worker can get inside and help. 

“As a method of entry officer I also help with warrants, using the big red key to enter a property after a warrant has been given through the courts.

“This helps us to tackle crime in a particular area and gives us an opportunity to recover stolen property, seize illegal drugs and sometimes even arrest suspected offenders.  

“I do have a family and training whilst bringing up a child was tough at times, but I worked hard to achieve what I have and I am so pleased that I did. No two days are ever the same and I love coming into work knowing that I can really help protect our communities.”

Keep an eye on our website throughout the day today as we will be sharing more stories from women in different roles across the force.