Humberside Police Knife Surrender Friday 16 to Sunday 25 October 2020

Surrender your weapons

16 Oct 2020

Humberside Police are conducting a Forcewide knife surrender which aims to reduce the number of people, especially young people, carrying a weapon.

Chief Superintendent Darren Wildbore said: “No one needs to be reminded of the dangers of knife crime and the recent fatal stabbing in Hull only highlights how serious a situation can get.

“We want to do everything we can to remove knives from the streets of the Humberside Police Force area.

“This surrender gives everyone an opportunity to get rid of knives and weapons that could potential cause injury or worse to someone in our area.

“Bins will be at: Clough Road and Osbourne Street in Hull; Beverley; Goole; Bridlington; Grimsby and Scunthorpe police stations (see opening times below).

“Anyone can hand over knives safely and anonymously and in turn remove these weapons from our streets.

“In addition to this weapons surrender, our officers will be conducting weapons sweeps and doing proactive patrols across our area.

“Our message to those who carry a knife or thinking of carrying a knife is that it doesn’t protect you and in fact it makes you more vulnerable and places you in danger of serious harm.

“We want to reassure the public that despite recent serious incidents we do not have an escalating knife problem in our area, however it is important that we raise awareness of the dangers of carrying knifes and to prevent anyone else suffering from knife crime.”

Knives and weapons, including other items made or adapted for the sole purpose of causing injury to someone, can be handed in safely, bins are located at the below police stations from Friday 16 to Sunday 25 October 2020.

  • Hull (Clough Road) enquiry office open Monday-Sunday 0700-2300 hours
  • Hull (Osbourne Street) enquiry office open Monday-Sunday 1000-1800 hours
  • Beverley (New Walk) enquiry office open Monday -Friday 0800-2000, Saturday and Sunday 0800 – 1800 hours
  • Goole (Estcourt Terrace) enquiry office open Monday-Friday 0800-2000 hours, Saturday-Sunday 0800-1800 hours
  • Bridlington (Ashville Street) is an active enquiry office open Monday-Friday 0800-2000 hours, Saturday-Sunday 0800-1800 hours
  • Grimsby (Victoria Street) is an active enquiry office open Monday-Sunday 0800-2000 hours
  • Scunthorpe (Corporation Road) enquiry office open Monday-Saturday 0800-2000 hours