Humber Talking – coming to a street near you!

Grimsby, Scunthorpe & Goole

8 Nov 2018

The first phase of Humber Talking has been well under way in the Beverley Road area of Hull for just over four weeks. So far over 560 people have completed our survey and we’ve already seen some great results, tackling issues and concerns raised by local residents and knocking on over 1800 doors.

Over the next few days and weeks our neighbourhood policing teams will be knocking on the doors of residents in Goole, East Marsh in Grimsby and Frodingham in Scunthorpe as we roll-out our ground-breaking initiative Humber Talking.

Superintendent Dave Hall said “It is very encouraging that people from Hull have taken the time to begin helping us shape the service which Humberside Police provides to them. With the role out of Humber Talking to Goole, East Marsh and Frodingham areas, we want to get closer to the people we serve and really understand what it’s like to live and work in their communities.”

“We want to better understand what’s great and what’s not so great about where people live so we can work with residents to help tackle any worries and issues that they may have.”

“The information we gather will be used to set priorities for our neighbourhood teams, and where issues are raised that are not police issues, we will work with our relevant partners to make sure they are aware of them.”

“What’s great about Humber Talking is that at the touch of a button our officers can use the data on a daily basis to pinpoint exactly what and where the issues are - whether that be a street, a school, a shop, or a park – and help us address those issues along with the council and our other partner agencies.”

“From fly tipping to street drinking, tell us about what matters to you and help influence policing in your area. If you’re not in when we call, we’ll come back, because everyone’s opinion is important to us.”

Once the survey has been completed, which is digital and will only takes a few minutes, we are able to respond and interact with you directly about your own individual concerns in your own specific geographical area if you sign up to our messaging system, My Community Alert.

This is the kind of information we want so we can tell you what we’re doing and what results we are getting. Over the next few weeks we’ll be following our teams as they are out and about speaking with local residents. Watch this space!