#GetConsent enters into its 3rd month


15 Oct 2021

Earlier this year, in July, we announced the launch of Operation Contract, also known as #GetConsent, which aims to prevent, reduce and stop offenders from targeting vulnerable people during our night time economy.

As part of Operation Contract, police officers in both plain clothes and high visibility uniform have been out in city centres and areas which are busy nightlife hot spots.

This has also involved officers working with door staff and licensees, to build on existing working relationships and to help them spot the signs of anything potentially concerning early on.

These signs include anyone acting or behaving suspiciously with another person who looks too intoxicated or has been separated from friends, or anyone trying to get someone out on their own, in a dark corner or secluded spot – or anyone leading someone into a taxi or unmarked car.

Since the start of this specific operation, there have been 62 incidents where vulnerable people have been engaged with, helped or taken out of potentially dangerous situations. 

Operation Contract is continuing within key areas, with protecting vulnerable people being a top priority for us.

If you notice anything suspicious, call 999 in an emergency or our non-emergency number 101 to report information.

Most bars and pubs in the UK also operate the ‘Ask Angela’ scheme whereby you can approach a member of staff and ask for ‘Angela’. They will then take you to a place of safety and will help you get out of your situation without fuss.

An online tool, called StreetSafe, can also be used by members of the public to anonymously drop a pin onto a map to describe factors that caused them to feel unsafe within that area.

This could range from public harassment to a poorly-lit walkway.

Thanks to our local community, our region has the fourth highest response rate in the UK.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter Thorp said: “I want to thank members of the public for coming forward as the more information we have, the better we can protect and safeguard our communities.

“Our community have a right to go about their daily lives without fear and we will do all that is necessary to ensure everyone feels safe and protected.

“Any crimes of this nature will not be tolerated within our region.

“By using the StreetSafe tool, it allows us to act on the anonymous information that is shared so we can better target specific areas. The timely sharing of information can help us to bring perpetrators to justice.”

This tool can be found on the national Police UK website, here: https://www.police.uk/pu/notices/streetsafe/street-safe/?__cf_chl_captch...