Fresh appeal in case of woman who went missing 28 years ago


19 Jan 2021

Can you help us to solve a 28-year-old mystery?

Jaime Ann Cheesman was just 16-years-old when she was reported missing in November 1993 but despite extensive enquiries and numerous reported sightings, she has never been found.

Sadly, her mum Barbara passed away without ever knowing what happened to her daughter but today her dad Eric, 78, is making a fresh appeal for your help in tracing her on what would have been her 43rd birthday.

He said: “It’s been a long time but I am still hopeful. I do really miss her – like any dad would. I just want my daughter home.

“I don’t have a clue what happened to Jaime but I will never give up hope that I will see her again. I am confident she will be back home one day.

“I know she had a lot of friends in Grimsby, so I’m hoping that someone who knew them all may be able to help us.”

Detective Sergeant Sam Cunnington, who is now leading the investigation, said: “Due to the length of time Jaime has been missing, this is a very complex and difficult investigation.

“We have no CCTV, mobile phones or social media to assist us and many witnesses can’t remember accurate times and dates for when they may have seen her.

“However, we will not give up hope of finding her. I hope she is living a safe and prosperous life somewhere.

“Jaime, if you’re reading this, please get in touch with me or your dad to let us know you’re okay. You may not want to come home and that’s fine but we need to know that you’re safe.”

Humberside Police has been involved in the search for Jaime for the past five years after taking over from Northamptonshire Police.

DS Cunnington added: “Although she was brought up in Westminster Road, in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, Jaime spent a lot of time in Grimsby where her best friend Joanne had family links.

“In the early 90s, Joanne’s parents – Clive and Valerie - secured a council house in Comber Place and the family moved to the area.

“They moved back to Wellingborough in 1993 but in November of that year Jaime returned to Grimsby with Clive and Joanne’s boyfriend Peter to tie up some loose ends.

“She and Peter stayed at Comber Place but we are told she stormed out following an argument over some CDs but when she didn’t come back or return to Wellingborough, she was reported missing.

“To our knowledge, she has not made contact with any of her friends or family since then and has not used her name or personal details to register anywhere in the UK.

“Since taking over the case, we have carried out a forensic examination of the – now demolished – property at Comber Place and have gone over more than 500 of Jaime’s letters, diaries and notes.

“From those, we have put together a list of the names of those she was closest to and our hope is that by sharing them today someone may be able to provide a link to other friends she may have been in contact with.”

If you remember Jaime, if you’re one of the people named in the list of friends and haven’t yet spoken to us, or you have information you think could help us find her, please get in touch.

You can call us on 101 or email

If you would rather not give your name, you can call or text 116000 to speak with Missing People.


Jaime as a child and how she may look today






Jaime as a child and a digital image of how she may look today.


A photograph of Jaime taken in 1992












Jaime circa 1992


Jaime aged 14



















Jaime aged 14


Investigation timeline:

A timeline of events in the investigation so far. 2 November, 1993 – last confirmed sighting of Jaime. She was seen by neighbours walking in Comber Place, Grimsby. January 1994 – A security guard in a Wellingborough shopping centre believes he chatted to Jaime, not realising she was a missing person. 1994 – Officers investigate reports she is going by the name of Naomi and is in a hotel in London 1996 – One of Eric’s friends believes he saw Jaime leaving the Leather Bottle pub in Wellingborough with two friends. He called out to the woman but she laughed and ran off.  2004 – Eric saw someone who may have been Jaime walking though Wellingborough market but didn’t call out to her as he was afraid she would run away. 2016 – A possible ex-partner is interviewed by officers in Brighton. 2019 – Detectives followed up reports that one of Jaime’s pen pals was registered in County Antrim, Ireland. 2019 – There is an unconfirmed sighting of Jaime in Alnwick, Northumberland.