Forty weeks in prison and CBO for persistent offender - correction


13 Mar 2019


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A 52-year-old man who targeted vulnerable people in Hull with a con to take money off them has been jailed for forty weeks.

Carlos Bent from Kings Bench Street in Hull has also been given a 3-year Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) at Hull Magistrates Court for his behaviour and offences committed in Hull city centre.

He would approach people asking for change for a £2 coin then, when he was given the money, he would walk off and become aggressive and confrontational if challenged. 

Carlos Bent was imprisoned for 10 offences in total including theft, assault, handling stolen goods, and public order offences. 

The conditions of the CBO are as follows. They prohibit Carlos Bent from:

  • Asking another person for money or goods (including cigarettes and alcohol) in Hull city centre in a manner which to cause harrassment, alarm or distress to that or another person.
  • Entering St Stephens Shopping Centre in Hull. 

If Carlos Bent is found guilty of breaching the 3-year CBO he could be liable to a fine, prison, or both. 

Neighbourhoods Policing Sergeant for Hull City Centre Matt Jarvis said: “Carlos Bent has caused major problems for well over a year in the city centre.

“We appealed over social media for his victims to come forward and contact us – which they did – and this has led to us being able to put Carlos Bent in front of the court. 

“He was targeting people dozens of times a day with his £2 coin ‘trick’. Most of these were people who he thought were easy pickings. 

“This prison sentence and CBO will help to put a lid on his offending, but we do encourage any member of the public to contact us if they see Carlos Bent in breach of his CBO.

“It gives us enhanced powers if he re-offends which helps us keep our city centre a safe place to work and visit.”