Former cadet returns as Special Constable


27 Jul 2020

Within our Humberside Police family we have some really special young people who give up their spare time every week to learn more about policing and help our teams with training and events - we are of course talking about our fantastic cadets! 

But one former cadet Emily, decided that she wanted to take this role even further and continue volunteering with the force into adulthood - so she became a special constable, giving up her time to police the streets.

As a special constable Emily has the same powers as a police officer, wears the same uniform and carries the same equipment, the only difference is that she does it in a voluntary role.

Emily has written a short blog post about why she decided to continue her volunteering with the force and what she enjoys about her new role. Take it away Emily: 

Hi! I’m Emily and I am a Special Constable with Humberside Police, though I first joined the force as a Volunteer Police Cadet in 2018. 

You hear about people who have always dreamt of being a police officer when they were a kid but that wasn't me, I’d never really considered joining the police growing up. I actually always wanted to be a midwife but when I left school I did a trial of science lessons at college and thought... this isn’t for me! So, I changed my mind and decided to do criminology and sociology at Franklin College. I found myself really enjoying the criminology lessons, as well as learning loads at cadets outside of college on a Wednesday evening, this influenced my decision - helping me decide that I wanted a career with the police.

The main attraction for me was the diversity of the job and how different each day is. Whilst I was a cadet, we had so many fascinating inputs about all aspects of the force, this included inputs from the dog unit, crime scene investigators, property, as well as lessons about drugs and county lines and even first aid. When I was turning 18 I was still enjoying cadets but decided I wanted a bit more responsibility and involvement with the job, so when I saw that the specials were recruiting, I knew I had to apply.

After I finished the recruitment process, my training started in January this year. It was really interesting and very enjoyable, and once we got our uniform and started wearing it to training, it all started to feel more real.

I have already done two shifts since my attestation on 7 July, one was my induction shift where we drove around Cleethorpes to get to know the area a bit, which was a good opportunity to have a chat with the Specials Sergeant about what I could expect from my shifts and what the job involves. On my second shift I was out with another new special, who attested with me, and regular officer for a nightshift. We were in the riot van and attended a variety of jobs ranging from a missing person search to a reported burglary. We travelled to several jobs with the blue lights on which was both really exciting and a little nerve wracking at the same time, but I'm sure you get used to that the more shifts you do. 

My hope for the future is to gain independence and experience as a special constable, then hopefully become a regular officer with the force. Longer term I would love to specialise as a detective and investigate some of the most serious crimes, but for now I am happy gaining experience with the response teams.

My advice to someone thinking of applying to the cadets would be to go for it! It gives you really valuable life experience that not many other 15-19 year olds have, as well as a great reference for your CV. It is also a great way to make friends who have similar interests to you and there’s no expectation or responsibility for you to join as a regular officer after doing cadets, so why not give it a go, there is nothing to lose!

As for my advice for someone considering joining Humberside as a Special Constable, I’d say make sure you do have a genuine interest in the police, as it is quite a long process from application through training to being attested and getting out on the streets. But if you are genuinely interested in learning more about the police and giving something back to your communities too, then it’s a great opportunity. It lets you be an officer without having to do it full time and it's flexible so fits easily alongside your regular day job. I would definitely recommend doing it. 

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