Dozens of knives handed in in first few days of #OpSceptre

Surrender your weapons

14 Mar 2019


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Dozens of knives have been handed in to our knife bins during the first few days of #OpSceptre, (Operation Sceptre is a national knife crime campaign which aims to reduce the number of people, especially young people, carrying a weapon.)

Leading #OpSceptre is Superintendent Joanne Roe, she said “I am really pleased with the number of knives that have been handed in so far. 

“In some cases these knives are held as souvenirs and owners want to have them destroyed so they don’t get into the wrong hands.  I want anyone who has this type of weapon to bring them to their nearest station and let us destroy them.

“Some of the bins are getting quite full now and our ongoing work across the force in seizing knives during drugs warrants and arrests is bringing in some very dangerous looking weapons.

“The bins are at Bridlington, Goole, Beverley, Osborne Street and Clough Road, Grimsby and Scunthorpe – anyone with knives that they no longer want should hand them in so they can be safely destroyed.”

“We have seized a number of weapons during drugs warrants, including a Samurai sword in a drugs raid on Monday in Hull.

Knives and weapons, including other items made or adapted for the sole purpose of causing injury to someone, can be handed in throughout this week. The bins will remain at the police stations until Sunday 17 March – take this opportunity to get knives off our streets.


The pictures show the contents of the bins at Grimsby and Scunthorpe Police stations today - other pictures show a Samurai sword seized during a drugs raid on Monday and a knife seized from a man arrested following a burglary in Hull.