Cracking down on antisocial behaviour disrupting community


13 Jan 2021

The Hull Central Neighbourhood Team shut down a property on Coltman Street, Hull on Friday 8 January after multiple breaches of a partial closure order that had been put in place last October.

The property had been taken over by Class A drug dealers at the back end of 2020 and had seen crack cocaine being dealt from the address. A partial closure order was obtained in October 2020, which meant that the occupant could remain living at the address, but there could be no visitors or others staying there.

As the team continued to investigate the address, a breach of the order was noted just two days later and it continued to plague the community with anti-social behaviour, although the drug dealing did subside.

A full closure was granted last week, removing the occupant from the property and stopping the nuisance behaviour.

Neighbourhood Beat Manager, PC Tim McGowan, said: “We gave the occupant an opportunity to prove they could be a responsible member of this community, however it became clear that this was not going to happen.

“Anti-social behaviour such as excessive noise can be extremely damaging to our communities and is simply not acceptable.

“This is the fifth property our team have obtained a full closure order for in as many months, as we’re committed to tackling criminality and anti-social behaviour so that our communities can be free of those causing them harm.

“I hope that this community can now continue to thrive and grow stronger as another problem address has been shut down.”

If you have any concerns about a property where drug dealing or anti-social behaviour is taking place, please speak to your local team or call our non-emergency number 101.